Artist | Curator | Storyteller

+ a part-time DJ or whatever the budget says




Cambry H is a self-proclaimed "jack of all trades" when creating in various mediums. Being able to take on various roles switching from curating programming and experiences, producing a Telly award winning television series, singer/songwriter, and an occasional DJ set as a party trick has truly set him apart in the arts and entertainment industry. With a chameleon-like approach while still maintaining his own identity, Cambry has managed to collaborate with brands and artists like SZA, Ye Ali, Sephora, Fendi, & more.

Cambry is often characterized as outspoken - unafraid to be transparent with his audience and bring awareness to certain topics. As both a queer artist and a person of color, he uses his platforms to stand for social change. Cambry reserves his work as a feel-good space to connect with people, and is on track to being a driving force in the industry.